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We have done your homework for you. We have searched the world for the best quality massage chairs available and this is why we are the only company that offers a generous Warranty that INCLUDES the Leathers.

Feel Good Massage Chairs is Australia’s Leading Supplier of Vending Massage Chairs. With options such as coin-operated or our brand new Tap and Go vending massage chairs why not utilise your traffic flow or even appease your customers whilst they wait. Our vending chairs have proven their value to many Australian businesses, Corporate Offices, shopping centres, and public areas.

The Vending Massage Chair is an ideal way to create additional revenue whilst providing a value-adding service for your patrons to enjoy! We welcome you to try our vending massage chairs for just $2 for 4 minutes.

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The options available are:

gold - silver-04

Accepts coins

gold - silver-12

Accepts coins

Tap & Go

Accepts credit cards and coins

Coin Operated

Coin only $2 per massage

The Benefits Of a Vending Massage Chair

Each chair provides an automatic 4 minutes of massage using a combination of the 6 basic massage techniques
massage tech 6
massage tech 6
massage tech 6
masssage tech 4
masssage tech 5
massage tech 6
Each chair provides an automatic 4 minutes of massage using a combination of the 6 basic massage techniques

The Benefits Of a Vending Massage Chairs:

  • All service and maintenance included in contract

  • Reduce customer irritation when waiting

  • Generate additional revenue whilst keeping staff and patrons happy

  • Ideal for pre-treatment medical suites, health facilities, physiotherapists and more.

  • Ideal for fundraising and or corporate events

  • Choose an option that suits your business: Silver | Gold | Tap & Go

What Option Suits Your Business?

Silver Vending Option:

Ideal for staffrooms, work sites
and diverse users

silver package.PNG

Gold Vending Option:

Ideal for corporate offices, shopping centres
and health facilities


Tap & Go Vending Option:

Ideal for high traffic areas such as large shopping centres, airports, corporate buildings, accommodation, resorts and large hospitals

tap & go

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