Massage Chair Sydney

Massage Chair Sydney

About the Feel Good Massage Chairs Team

If you’re in the market for a massage chair Sydney that ticks all the boxes in terms of comfortability, ease of use, luxury and style, you’ve come to the right place. Feel Good Massage Chairs started in 1996 with a small office located in South Australia, selling the best designed & manufactured coin-operated chairs in all of Australia. Our massage chairs could, and still can be, found in shopping centres, hotels, and cinemas across the country. As technology evolved and scientific research uncovered the true value of massaging, we adapted & improved our designs to become even better. After two decades as the market leader in massage chairs in Australia, our range has expanded to include five of the best massage chairs available. Our popular massage chair Sydney designs are backed by advanced engineering innovation and massage expertise. We’re continually developing new technology with the most convenient, affordable and effective at-home therapy solutions.

Tailored Massage Chair Sydney Recliners

Our expert massage chair Technicians & Consultants have had over 2 decades helping Sydney-siders identify the perfect chair for their body size & needs. As you pick your dream massage chair Sydney, we’ll give you a demonstration on how to use all of the functions & settings on the chair. A few examples of the technology included in our massage chairs is: Intelligent Body Size Detection –  The Oneiro features technology that assesses your body’s weight & size, and tailors the experience accordingly Zero Gravity – the La Experia Massage Chair creates a complete state of relaxation through weightless-positioning Dual-Lumbar Graphene Heat Systems – soothes tight & sore muscles through adjustable heat settings. One of the features of the impressive Oneiro Dream 3D/4D Massage Chair Ease of Control – simple to use and really convenient, giving you complete control of the The Master through a large LED Screen. If you have any specific needs or wants in your massage chair Sydney, just ask us! The Feel Good Team will be able to point you in the right direction with the right advice.

Quality Product, Quality Experience

When you purchase a massage chair Sydney from us, you’re also choosing to receive an unrivalled customer experience. After more than 26 years of operation, we’ve refined our process to give the most seamless, easy, and enjoyable experience possible. With every chair you get:
  • Clear, easy to understand advice where we identify your needs & offer the perfect tailored solution for your situation
  • World-class for complete piece of mind
  • Fast, Australia-wide delivery
  • On-going support with a responsive team, and technicians in every major city
  • In major metropolitan areas, we’ll also install the chair for you (please contact us directly to see if you’re location falls within this area)
As Australia’s largest locally owned luxury massage chairs specialists, we know that you won’t get the same product or incredible customer service experience anywhere else. The design & technology of our chairs, combined with luxury leather exterior and a stylish colour range, create a highly distinguished and dependable product that’s fit for both commercial and residential use.
There’s absolutely no down-side to purchasing a massage chair Sydney from the experienced experts at Feel Food Massage Chairs. Our entire business is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Australians, all from the comfort of your own home. Call us for advice on the best solution for you or have a browse through the different options online!