Massage Chair Perth

Massage Chair Perth

Your Perth Premium Massage Chair

If you’re looking for a stylish high-quality massage chair in Perth, Feelgood Massage chairs are your go-to for the best massage chairs on the market. Established in 1997, The business began with the implementation of coin-operated massage chairs into Australian shopping centers and recreational venues. Since starting our business, we have now grown to be Australia’s leading retailer of coin-operated massage chairs.

By maintaining a close relationship with our international manufacturers, we sustain our commitment to provide our customers with a high-quality massage chair, made with the most advanced technology. At Feelgood we carry a range of massage chairs with features including leg and foot massage, deep tissue kneading, reflexology, shiatsu, and infrared heating.

Our incredible team will help you choose the massage chair that best suits your needs whether it’s to aid severe muscle pain or simply to add an element of relaxation to your home.

The Benefits of Owning A Massage Chair

Decades of misinformation and assumption have seen the massage chair viewed as a luxury relaxation item for the wealthy, however massage chairs are surprisingly affordable and provide a range of benefits.

Health Benefits

The physical health benefits of massage chairs are immense. By using a range of massage techniques to work on key body points, massage chairs can improve posture, promote better digestion, relieve sore muscles, and improve blow flow.


You can’t argue with the convenience of having a quality full body massage available in the comfort of your own home. With the one-off purchase of a massage chair, you can save money on weekly visits to the masseuse.


Massage chairs can provide significant relief for individuals who encounter stress in their everyday lives. Through the stimulation of endorphins, massage chairs can aid in relieving stress whilst also lightening your mood through relaxation techniques.

Why Choose Feel Good Massage Chairs?

Feelgood Massage Chairs are the premier Perth massage chair retailer. With a range of colour and style choices, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee and a range of payment options including Zip’s own it now, pay for it later.

Experts In The Industry

With 26 years of experience in the industry, Feelgood Massage Chairs are the leading massage chair retailer in Australia.

Unbeatable Warranty

You can rest easy knowing that with any Feelgood massage chair purchase, you will receive an unbeatable warranty.

Australia Wide Delivery

No matter where you live, all our massage chairs are able to be delivered across the country, to ensure wherever you are, we can bring relaxation to you.

Qualified Technician Support

When you purchase a Feelgood massage chair, you can be assured that our network of highly qualified technicians will be available to support you with any repairs or queries.

We at Feelgood have the solution to all your massage chair Perth needs. With a variety of style and colour options available, we aim to provide you with the latest and best massage chair technology available. Contact us today to discuss which of our chairs will be perfect for you.