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If you’re in the market for a massage chair in Adelaide, there’s no need to venture past the Feel Good massage chair range. As the largest Australian Owned and Operated Specialist in luxury massage chairs, we hold ourselves fully accountable when it comes to delivering products that make a genuine contribution to your lifestyle.

Our products are designed using some of the markets most advanced robotic technology, targeting problem areas to increase mobility by utilising techniques such as deep tissue kneading, reflexology and infrared heating to work beyond the surface.

With a wide range of multi-functional products that include features like Bluetooth and inbuilt body scan functions, our professionals will work with you to narrow down the product that meets your performance needs. And of course, there are plenty of style variations to ensure your brand-new massage chair blends seamlessly with the interior of your space.

Find Your Perfect Match!

When it comes to narrowing down the right massage chair for you, it mostly comes down to the kind of at-home experience you’re looking for. We’ve really taken it to the next level with our luxurious products, boasting opulent exterior designs paired with engineered functionalities and contemporary features that really set the scene.

Take our Serenity massage chair for example, which has a total of 30 in-built airbags that surround your body, making you feel completely weightless. It has lumbar heat, smart probe technology, and two modes of zero gravity which you simply have to experience to understand.

The full body scan technology we highlighted, analyses the size and shape of your body, moulding the chair to scale so you fit snug within its capsule design. This product delivers an exceptional experience that is unrivalled by any other massage chair on the market.

Tried & Tested Technology for Your Peace of Mind

How do you justify forking out for the luxury of a massage chair? Throughout our time in the field, we’ve seen thousands of people benefit from the wonderful effects of massage therapy. It’s proven to reduce tension and general stress, improve blood circulation to speed up recovery from injury, and even stimulate endorphins which are your body’s natural pleasure boosters. Here’s a statement from just one of our happy customers!

“We got the 4d Imperial massage chair from Feel Good I am great full to Alex, Aspa and staff for their great service. The chair is unbelievable it’s fantastic my wife loves the chair it helps our well-being and pain – the only thing that the chairs don’t do is clean & cook. Highly recommend Feel Good.”

Effectively, your new at-home massage therapy unit is saving you thousands on trips to the therapist—making it a worthwhile, and long-term investment.

Looking to optimise your health and wellbeing without having to leave the house? Feel Good Massage Chairs have you covered with the most effective, stylish and comfortable massage chair range. Drop by our Adelaide office at our office 292 Port Road, Hindmarsh, or call our professionals for an over-the-phone consultation on 1300 804 682.