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Your guide to choosing the right massage chair

You’ve decided to buy a massage chair, now what? Shopping for a massage chair can be a daunting experience particularly if you haven’t done your research. There are a lot of brands out there and each one looks as inviting as the next one.

First of all think about why you need a massage chair. It’s a bit like buying a car, you can have your economy version that is built to get you from A to B at a budget price, OR you can have the luxury version with more bells and whistles.

When customers come to us in search of a massage chair they are usually trying to solve a problem. The primary problem is usually pain or injury. Second to that is often relaxation and stress relief.

Here are some things to consider. First of all who is going to be using the chair? Is it just you or are there others to be considered too such as partners, children etc? Not every chair will suit every person. Massage chairs come in different sizes, shapes, and have a variety of options including built in technology so to ensure the correct fit we need to consider a few very important points:

  • What is the average height/weight of the potential users? Some massage chairs can only accommodate certain heights and weights. Exceeding the limits of a massage chair can basically render a massage as pointless as it is either uncomfortable or ineffective.
  • What is the age range of the main user? Why is age important you may ask? Simple, the main user needs to use the chair confidently. Technology such as voice control and blue tooth can be daunting so those that aren’t tech savvy may prefer a simple to operate and navigate controller.
  • What problem/s does the massage chair need to solve? Is it pain or injury management which indicates the need for inbuilt heat, pressure point therapy and a range of programmes to adjust to your needs. Is it stress relief and relaxation? With features such as inbuilt meditation programmes, relaxation sounds and customisable massage programmes you can feel your stress fade away as you relax in your massage chair. Feel Good Massage Chairs has a wide selection of chairs to suit any or all of these problems.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can usually narrow your choice to one or two models. Value for money has never been more important than in our current climate. With the constant changes in work and lifestyle the last thing Feel Good Massage Chairs wants to do is add to your stress.

After 27 years in business we have heard all sorts of stories about unnecessary money spent on the wrong type of massage chairs. An important rule of thumb is to look at the total package. What do you really get for your money? Your customer journey should never end with your retailer as long as you own your massage chair. The value of after sales service is often overlooked. What good is a massage chair that doesn’t work? Too often we get calls from frustrated customers who have purchased a massage chair online and now cannot contact the retailer for repairs or warranty claims. Feel Good Massage Chairs takes great pride in our customer service. Your customer journey starts BEFORE you even purchase a chair and extends to the life of the chair. In fact, many of our customers are returning customers so that must say something about Feel Good!

Feel free to pop on over to our massage chair comparison chart and see for yourself the fantastic prices and features that our range has to offer.