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Reward your staff and patrons with a massage!

Create a work environment that cares for your employees, patrons, and guests.

We are confident that our massage chairs will be a valuable addition to your workplace, event, or establishment, providing your employees, patrons, and customers with a convenient and effective way to relax and rejuvenate. Feel Good Massage Chairs has been providing superior massage chairs to businesses across Australia for over 26 years. Our chairs are highly sought after and have been successful in various settings, including shopping centres, corporate facilities, event venues, hospitals, hotels, and resorts. We have received exceptional feedback from our customers, who have experienced the many benefits of our massage chairs, including stress relief, improved circulation, and reduced muscle tension.

Massage Chairs for Australian Businesses

Feel Good Massage Chairs is dedicated to partnering with businesses to promote and support healthier and happier workplaces and event experience. Our state-of-the-art relaxation massage chairs are renowned for their effectiveness in promoting rest and recovery for teams, staff and patrons. The importance of a healthy workplace cannot be overstated, as it significantly impacts an individual’s psychological, physical, and social wellbeing, especially considering that one-third of adult life is spent at work.

Research has found that healthier and happier workplaces lead to:

Benefits to your workplace

By implementing a successful health and wellbeing program to your workplace or next event, employers can create a more content workforce who feel appreciated in the workplace. Wellness involves adopting healthy habits daily to achieve better physical and mental health, enabling employees to not just survive but thrive. Our massage chair packages are designed to benefit both employers and employees. Participants in our Massage Chair Program can expect:

Health Benefits of a regular massage

Elevate your workplace with Feel Good Massage Chairs and help your team and staff achieve rest and recovery.

Workplace stress is a common issue that affects everyone, including an employee’s personal life, relationships, and work-life balance. If you’re concerned that your workplace could be healthier, consider partnering with Feel Good Massage Chairs to provide our state-of-the-art massage chairs. Our chairs offer stress relief and can effectively alleviate the negative effects of prolonged sitting, such as tension headaches, low back pain, and neck and shoulder discomfort, promoting the health and wellness of your employees.

Your Hire Investment

At Feel Good Massage Chairs, we understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we offer customisable packages tailored to your specific goals and requirements for employee wellbeing. Our state-of-the-art massage chairs are designed to provide a push-button relaxation solution for your team and staff to unwind and recharge with the option to upgrading to one of our more prestigious chair models.

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