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Exclusively to Feel Good Massage Chairs – The Oneiro!

When the Oneiro first landed on our showroom floor, its elegant design and advanced features made this chair stand out from the rest.

Why The Oneiro?

  • The Oneiro massage chair is one of the most customisable massage chairs on the market. The intuitive body scan technique in The Oneiro will amaze you. Watch as it navigates every surface, curve and deviation.
  • Inbuilt height adjustment capabilities means that even if you are on the short side or the tall side, The Oneiro will accommodate you. This feature is uncommon in a massage chair so it definitely deserves a big tick right here.

The Oneiro’s customisation doesn’t stop here, check these features out:

  • 3 Levels of heating in the back and legs means the ultimate comfort is achieved all year round.
  • 3 Unique mediation massage programmes allow you to choose a programme that best suits your mindset and achieve the ultimate state of relaxation.
  • Cloud touch technology enables you to choose the exact point you want your massage and also the intensity you desire all by using easy to navigate up and down arrows.
  • The Oneiro massage chair incorporates a combination of 3D and 4D massage techniques. 3D enables the depth of the massage whilst the selected 4D programmes enable you to adjust the speed at which your massage is delivered.
  • Longer or shorter legs, not to worry, unlike most other massage chairs, the Oneiro allows you to adjust the leg/foot section independently. Ideal if you have sensitive soles as you can move the foot rollers away from your soles too.
  • Relaxing programmes – select your massage programme from one of the 39 available, push the zero gravity button in the middle of your remote control and to top you can add some relaxation sounds by going to your menu > choose from nature sounds.
  • Relaxed enough yet? Last but not least the Oneiro has inbuilt Bluetooth technology, surround sound as well as battery back up in the event of a power failure!

The Body

  • The sleek design of The Oneiro makes it an eye catching massage chair.
  • The Smart Glyde technology enables placement of your chair in any corner of your home.
  • The range of colours available ensure that every decor is accentuated.
  • The Elegant polished woodgrain finish adds to the luxury.
  • Beautifully trimmed high quality speakers.

Finishing Touches

  • The Oneiro has 5 levels of intensity available ensuring a massage that suits your needs every time.
  • Advanced dual control technology allows you complete control at the touch of a button.
  • The intelligent massage mechanism can penetrate muscles up to 8cm.
  • The Oneiro features a super long S/L track providing a precise massage from your head to your toes.

The Oneiro certainly lives up to its name “The Dream”.
Come on, Come and try it!