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5 ways to combat anxiety with massage chairs



Approximately 20% of the Australian population experience some sort of anxiety related condition and it affects all ages. Today it is one of the most common mental health issues that we deal with as a nation. Anxiety can take the joy out of living, and if it’s not managed, it will keep your body in a state of worry, causing your muscles to remain constantly “on” or tense.

We are all striving for work-life balance but it’s not always that easy. Juggling work and family commitments, social calendars and finances is a challenge for most people. Even if you’re skilled at the art of juggling your life’s affairs, it is normal to feel stress which can lead to ongoing feelings of worry or anxiety.

A massage chair at home provides you with a 24×7 on demand relaxation treatment and wellness boost whenever you need it. Compared to ongoing therapy, it is an affordable and accessible solution to combating anxiety and releasing stress from your body. Through gentle vibrations, kneading and tapping motions, and soothing heat therapy, our massage chairs release tension from your muscles and stimulate the production of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel-good” hormones.

Sitting in a massage chair for just twenty minutes a day promotes deep relaxation and helps you to feel more at peace.

Here are five reasons why.

1. Reduces the stress hormone – cortisol

The body produces more cortisol in response to anything it senses as harmful, to increase awareness and fine tune your senses to potential harm, placing your body into “fight or fright mode”. Anxiety and stress can cause these feelings to occur in your body which in turn causes more stress and anxiety. Sitting in a massage chair each day has proven* to lower the levels of cortisol and bring back a state of more peace and relaxation in the mind and body.


2. Increases levels of “Feel Good” hormones

The feel-good hormones in your body that are responsible for feeling lighter, happier and more peaceful are serotonin and dopamine. Production of these neurotransmitters increases when the body is soothed and relaxed through regular massage, which in turn helps you combat anxiety and stress, and gives you tools to maintain improved emotional balance.


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3. Relaxes muscles

Do you experience tension in your neck, shoulders or muscles in general? Even if you’re an office worker and sitting down all day, you might still come home with tension in your muscles because you are not moving them enough. If you’re a tradie, then you’re probably all too familiar with tired aching muscles at the end of a hard working day.

Tension in the body also leads to feelings of anxiety. Tightness causes restriction in blood flow through the body and can cause mental fogginess.

Spending time in a massage chair each day allows will relax the muscles, easing the elimination of toxins from your body and stimulating blood flow to all the areas needed. When your body is relaxed, the “fright-flight” state is calmed.

Whether you’re an active individual or spend long hours sitting at a desk, muscle discomfort and pain are common issues. Our massage chairs offer targeted relief by addressing specific areas of discomfort. With customisable settings and a variety of massage techniques, our chairs effectively alleviate muscle tension, reduce pain, and enhance your flexibility. By increasing blood flow to your muscles, our chairs also aid in the recovery process after intense workouts or physical activities.

4. Promotes sleep

If you feel anxious, you may also struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep which makes feelings of anxiety worse. Sleep is important for healing and restoration. A good night’s sleep is sometimes all you need to wake up refreshed and feeling calmer the following day. Massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for placing the body into a rest and relaxation state. You’ll sleep more peacefully and with less interruptions to your sleep pattern.


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5. Reduces heart rate and blood pressure

Being in a state of anxiety for too long has implications for your heart health and blood pressure. Your heart rate increases and causes abnormal heart function, and you may feel that your heart is thumping loudly or racing. Anxiety can also cause spikes in blood pressure. Resting in a massage chair for just 20 minutes relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood flow supporting the heart to circulate blood around the body with more ease, helping to maintain a normal heart rate and blood pressure.

Feel Good massage chairs offer a zero-gravity feature which moves your body into a horizontal position, elevating the feet above the heart. This position improves the circulatory system so that freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients reach all area of your body. Zero-gravity gives you a feeling of being weightless, easing your senses and releasing tension from your mind and body.

Bring peace and tranquillity into your home – Feel Good, at home

Imagine having a place where you know that you can retreat to each day to reduce stress, and combat anxiety, and experience a wellness boost on demand, 24×7? A Feel Good massage chair brings wellness and luxury into your home at an affordable price. Improve your mental and emotional health in just 20 minutes a day.

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