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The Deluxe massage chair is ultimately our best selling chair at an affordable price.

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The Deluxe has satisfied thousands of Feel Good Customers over the last 2 decades and though its design and features have changed over the years its reliability hasn’t differed.

The robust structure of the Deluxe ensures an effective massage is delivered every time. If you are looking for a basic, easy to use massage chair then the Deluxe is your ideal choice. Check out its features below!

Main Features

Multi-Function Controller

Wide-angle Multi-Function Controller You are able to program your massage to suit your requirements with different styles of massage Chinese Thai Korean. You can also use the chair manually.

Arm Airbag Massage

The arm airbag massages the arms while the chair rollers are massaging your back and feet.

Four Roller Massage Mechanism

The Deluxe Lifestyle massage chair comes with a patented four-roller massage mechanism to roll, knead, tap, knock, and other ten mixed massage functions for head, neck, back, waist and hips.

Foot Air Massage

This foot air massage helps to activate the Shao Yin Kidney Meridian of the foot, Tai Yang Gall bladder Meridian of foot Yang Ming Stomach Meridian of Foot, Tai Ying Spleen Meridian of the foot, etc.

Chair Heating

Massage Chair features a heating function on the feet and waist.


Additional Features

  • Patented 4 roller massage mechanism
  • Multi Function height adjustable controller
  • 3 Auto massage programmes
  • 7 Manual massage combinations
  • Zero Gravity
  • Inbuilt heating in the waist and feet.
  • 30 Inbuilt Air Bags
  • Combined features provide improved blood circulation, reduced fatigue and the release of tension throughout your body.



Chair Width88cm
Chair Weight85kg
Chair Length120cm
Chair Height120cm
Chair Length165cm
Chair Height100cm
Suitable Height / Weight
Weight125kg Max

Additional Resources

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 120 × 88 × 120 cm

Black, Ivory, Burgundy

Delivery Information

The Deluxe Massage Chair will arrive in 1 box as follows:

  • 1 x Body complete

It is important to note that though this chair will be delivered in 1 box, the box is still quite large and this will need to be considered when catering for your installation point. The largest box is approximately 1.1m long and approximately 80cm wide.

Delivery & Installation: Please ensure the area is clear for the delivery of your massage chair and should you have stairs/steps that you have advised our staff as this may require additional staff.

Delivery Only: Your box will be delivered to your door and inside the box there will be an instruction manual. Please read the instruction manual prior to commencing the installation of your chair. When you are ready to commence installation please refer to our video “Installing the Deluxe Massage Chair” and follow the process step by step. Remember, if you get stuck just call us on 1300 804 682 and we will arrange for a Technician to assist you.

Warranty Information

Feel Good Warranty

Serenity_Massage Range
3 Year In Home Warranty
Deluxe_Strengthen Muscles
Lifetime Structural Frame Warranty

For In - Home service, Feel Good Massage Chairs will arrange all covered parts deemed necessary, to be sent to the consumer and, if necessary, an authorized service provider to repair the product at the customer's residence, at no charge to the customer. If a particular part is no longer manufactured, Feel Good Massage Chairs may replace your product with a similar product. Under no circumstances shall the retail replacement value exceed the original net price paid for the product. In the event you choose not to accept a replacement for your product, Feel Good Massage Chairs is no longer responsible for making repairs under the warranty coverage.

Structure warranty is limited to the steel and steel-welded parts of the frame, in addition to any wood structure that may exist. Field Service requires pre-approval and, if necessary, must be performed by Feel Good Massage Chairs-authorised field service personnel to maintain warranty coverage.

Warranty Exclusions

Warranties do not cover any loss or damage resulting from: improper installation; unauthorised repairs; use in a commercial or corporate setting; alterations or modifications of original condition; improper use of electrical/power supply; loss of power; electrical disturbances and power surges; dropped product, including but not limited to remote controls; a malfunction or damage resulting from improper use or unreasonable use or maintenance; failure to follow operating instructions; transportation damage; theft; abuse; misuse; neglect; vandalism; or environmental conditions(fire, floods, rust, corrosion, sand, dirt, windstorm, hail, earthquake, or exposure to weather conditions). Softening/hardening of foams and filling composites in pillows and pads does not constitute a defect under this warranty as those items naturally change with use. Fading, wear, and pilling of fabrics does not constitute a defect under this warranty as those conditions naturally occur with fabrics. Natural markings and grain and dye variations in leather do not constitute a defect under this warranty, as no two pieces of leather are alike. Failures of attach points, such as, but not limited to stitching, Velcro, and zippers, do not constitute a defect under this warranty.

To initiate a Feel Good Warranty claim, simply call our Customer Support Team 1300 804 682.

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