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2D vs 3D vs 4D massage chairs | What’s the difference? A simple buying guide

If you’re in the market for a massage chair, you’ve probably heard the terms 2D, 3D and 4D massage. What do they mean, and which one is right for you?

Below is a simple explanation of each of these technologies in massage chairs to help you make the right decision – for your budget and your needs.

2D massage chair

The first massage chairs developed many years ago provided a simple 2D massage with two-way movement only: up and down from your neck to your lower back; and from side to side.

These were revolutionary at the time and provided the first experience of sitting in a chair and being soothed by motion and pressure. Since then, the technology has evolved and although there are 2D chairs still being sold on the market, Feel Good’s massage chairs include the 2D massage features in our current models of 3D and 4D chairs. You’ll get much more value for money and a better overall massage from one of current model 3D or 4D luxury massage chairs.

2d massage


3D massage chair

Our 3D massage chairs provide a more human like massage, as if two therapists are working on your body simultaneously. 3D includes the 2D features that travel up and down your back as well as side to side, but go one step further with massage rollers that go in and out, pressing into your muscles as you need to provide a deeper massage.


2d 3d 4d example


Our 3D massage chairs have the option of adjusting the speed and the depth to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage, depending on how you’re feeling, and whether you want a more remedial style of massage or a lighter soothing massage.

For example, if you’re feeling particularly tense and tired, you can increase the intensity of the massage to penetrate the muscles more deeply for remedial work. Or if you want something lighter and soothing, to alleviate stress, anxiety or to help you relax before you sleep, you can opt for a lighter touch massage.

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4D massage chair


4D massage chairs provide a more customised, human-like massage experience much like having multiple therapists working on your body at the same time.

The inbuilt intuitive body scanning technology takes 8-15 seconds to scan and detect your curves and body parts from your head to your toes and adjustable tracks detect your height and will change their scope and width. The massage therefore covers a wider body area. These chairs are called 4D because they do the work for you. You don’t have to manually select pressure or speed even though they can be manually adjusted. All you need to do is press a button, lay back and enjoy the experience.



2d 3d 4d massage


Automatic programs deliver the style of massage that you need. For example, if you want a soothing easy massage at the end of a challenging day at work, one that will ease your senses and get you ready to do the next shift – cooking for the family – a gentle massage may be just what you need.

Or if you come home with tired and aching muscles, a remedial 4D massage will penetrate those muscles a little deeper to release soreness and tension.

3d 4d massage

Imagine having multiple massage therapists on demand at the end of a working day, when you’re feeling stressed, sore or tired? Your 4D massage chair experience is waiting for you when you get home. These chairs are the most expensive of the range, but they deliver an out of this world massage experience.


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Feel Good, at home


Feel Good Massage Chairs was the first company to bring massage chairs into the homes of Australians in 1996. Today you will find Feel Good massage chairs in over 400 shopping centres and airports all over Australia, as well as in thousands of homes across the country.

We’re invested in your long term health and wellbeing. With service technicians on the ground in each state, and a personalised customer service experience to make sure you choose the right massage chair for your needs, you’ll enjoy the health benefits of your massage chair from the very first day it arrives in your lounge room, and we’re here to upgrade your chair in the years to come.

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