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Massage Chair Melbourne

Massage chair Melbourne

Massage Chair Melbourne

How could a massage chair Melbourne from Feel Good Massage Chairs improve to your lifestyle? Well, the research shows that incorporating massages into your daily routine can:

  • Improve blood flow & circulation
  • Relax tight or sore muscles
  • Alleviate aches, pains and headaches
  • Improve yzip our overall posture
  • Heighten flexibility
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Increase endorphin levels to calm you & reduce stress

Furthermore, massages are actually known to increase the number of lymphocytes in the body. Lymphocytes are white blood cells that are central to your body’s immune system. When they increase, your body’s immune response to viruses like the common flu is drastically heightened. That just goes to show that massages don’t just feel good, but they do wonders internally—and we take great pride in our ability to improve the health of Australians. Read our article for more information on the benefits of investing in a massage chair Melbourne.

Our Range Of Accessories

While shopping around for a massage chair Melbourne, we also encourage you to browse through our range of massage accessories. Designed to target different areas of the body, these light-weight portable accessories are for single-person use, making them ideal for travel. Two of our innovative accessories are:

Double-Head Body Massager: Designed for versatile use across the whole body, the Double-Head Body Massager offers a powerful massage with features like adjustable speed, acupressure, and a high-frequency massage setting to relax your whole body.

The Head & Eye Massager: While it looks like something out of a Star Wars film, the Head & Eye Massager is a high-performing accessory that relaxes and relieves head, eye and neck muscles for holistic results. Users can even choose music to amplify their experience, with 256MB of music storage available using the computer connect function.


Happy Customers Right Across the Nation

You can purchase a massage chair Melbourne from our Sunshine West, Melbourne location during business hours, or from our online store at any time and we’ll ship the massage chair to your doorstep. We are able to deliver Australia-wide, and have payment plan options like Zip Money available. We’ve established a broad network of fantastic suppliers & technicians to deliver & install your chair in no time at all. 

Below is an overview of postage times:

  • Melbourne – within 3 business days
  • Sydney – within 3 business days
  • Adelaide – within 2 business days
  • Brisbane – within 5 days
  • Gold Coast – within 5 days
  • Canberra – within 5 days
  • Perth – within 7 days
  • Darwin – within 7 days
  • Hobart – within 5 days

Our chairs are also backed by our Australian-first, Lifetime Warranty. With over 22 years of experience selling Australia’s best massage chairs, we’re confident in the unrivalled comfortable & durability of your massage chair Melbourne. Have a browse though our range online or drop by a location near you!

An enjoyable user experience, effective results, and luxurious designs that suit any interior space gives you every reason to enhance your lifestyle with a massage chair Melbourne. Call the Feel Good Massage Chairs team for a consultation to isolate the right choice for your specific needs on 1300 804 682 today!

Massage chair Melbourne

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