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The difference between S & L tracks in massage chairs

When we talk about tracks in a massage chair, we are referring to the rails/tracks that the rollers use to deliver your massage. In a mechanical massage chair, the rollers run along their designated track in order to massage your body. It is the shape and length of the track that impacts on what sort of massage you receive, hence why it is important to have this information available when purchasing a massage chair.

There are essentially 2 types of tracks used and they are the S-track and the L-track which we will discuss below.

S-Track in massage chairs

The S-track follows the curvature (sinusoidal shape) of your spine when delivering the massage. The rollers run along this S-track ensuring that each aspect of your spine from the neck through to your lower back is massaged. Starting from the neck the rollers travel vertically and laterally, moving forward and backwards as it accommodates your spinal alignment.

L-Track in massage chairs

The L-track is basically an extension of the S-track that allows the massage to cover an extended area. Unlike the S-track that generally stops at your buttocks, the L-track extends through to your hamstrings allowing for a more thorough massage. If you suffer from sciatica or similar conditions then the L-track would essentially be your choice.

SL Track in massage chairs

As new massage chairs are manufactured, combinations of the S & L track were introduced. The most recent is the SL track which attracts the most advanced technology available. Travelling from the head it delivers a much deeper massage on the neck and lower back where more curvature of the spine is evident. This track combination accommodates those with neck pain and lower back issues.

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