Intelligence 3D
Chocolate Brown / Gold
Burgundy / Ivory
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Feel Good Massage Chair

Intelligence 3D

The Intelligence 3D Massage Chair has a Bluetooth Connectivity function via audio devices. Open Bluetooth via a Smartphone or Android (or any other audio device) and simply pair it with the Diablo888 to play your music.

  • 3D Full Back Massage
  • Super Long L-Massage Rail
  • Intelligent Detection of Body Size
  • 4 Wheel Roller System
  • Air Pressure Massage of the Whole Body
  • 3 Row Roller Foot Reflexology
  • Heating On Back
  • Bluetooth Music Function – Speakers in-built
  • 42 Air Bags

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Chocolate Brown / Gold
Burgundy / Ivory
Clear selection

Premium Quality Materials & Standards

Feelgood Massage Chairs are manufactured under the strictest production standards. With over 169 quality inspection checks, our pursuit of perfection in quality has one goal: to offer our consumers the perfect experience.

The Intelligence massage chair incorporates imported fire-resistant and age resistant leather, whose easy-to-clean, odorless surface is suited to the human body, providing you with a healthy and comfortable massage experience.

Space Capsule Arm & Foot

The Feelgood Intelligence 4D massage chair uses space capsule-type armrests, embedded-type air bags, and a dotted surface, which means the arms get a comfortable massage, irrespective of the angle at which the chair is reclined. This feature in combination with the air pressure massage on seat and leg areas, and the zero gravity function, allows your body to enjoy a sensation of comfort.

New Titanium Curved
Railing System

The Feelgood Intelligence uses curved rail technology which, in combination with the patented massage mechanical core, offers a multi-angle integrated massage for your back and buttocks. This technology is a breakthrough, in that it exceeds the capabilities of the traditional L-shaped rail (which cannot achieve the lying flat and stretching functions), achieving a better massage effect. 

Relieving & Relaxing
Music Massage

The Intelligence massage chair is equipped with two high-quality loudspeakers placed by on either side of the head, which allow you to listen to MP3 music via Bluetooth; in the meantime, the rhythm of the massage adjusts to the rhythm of the music. It soothes your soul and relaxes your body.  You have the option to use a smartphone or a tablet computer to control the massage chair via Bluetooth.

Massage Techniques

Out of this World Features & Functions

The Feelgood Intelligence 3D is hand crafted with industry leading features:

  • Built-in 3D Massage Mechanism
  • Space Saver design
  • Wireless Control
  • Supler Long SL Massage Track
  • Rotatable Shoulder Massager for Different Height People
  • Auto-Extendable Footrest with Built-in Sensors
  • Stereo Bluetooth Music
  • Entire Body Air Bag Massage

New Holographic Zero Gravity Experience

Through the synchronisation of the backrest, seat, and leg rest by a multi-angle changeable module, the massage chair offers the user the best zero gravity massage experience, by creating a completely relaxed, natural, and comfortable massage posture, which reduces heart and spine pressure, and increases the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, ultimately improving sleep quality and eliminating fatigue.

Based on NASA’s Zero Gravity theory and on the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feel Good Massage created the most comfortable “Zero Gravity” massage position.

Tips: The Zero Gravity body, in which the legs are positioned higher than the body itself, at an angle of 128º ± 7º, which maintains the body’s functions at an optimum level.

With the full body airbag surround massage and the unique palm-simulation airbag technique, the intelligence massage chair provides a delicate and soft air pressure massage on the shoulder, waist, calf, and feet, promoting blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and joints, and eliminating fatigue.

Name Intelligence 3D
Lifetime Warranty
Chocolate, Brown / Gold, Ivory, Burgundy / Ivory, Black
Input Voltage
AC120V/220-240V, 50/60Hz
Chair Upright Dimensions
170 x 85 x 86cm (LxWxH)