Premium Massage Chair

Premium Massage Chair

Australia’s Leading Massage Chair Specialists

A premium massage chair from Feel Good massage chairs is proven to enrich the life of any individual, with first class development and scientifically engineered functionality that replicates real massage techniques.

Our team has over 22 years of experience in the industry, advancing our knowledge and resources to create products that well exceed anything else on the market. The journey began with the manufacturing of coin-operated massage chairs for shopping centres, cinemas and recreational venues right across Australia. Our chairs landed in some of the biggest and most populated consumer hot spots, facilitating an enjoyable shopping experience for many.

We decided to expand our range to cater to residential setting, with premium-grade leather exterior that’s both stylish and highly durable to meet your preferences. A premium massage chair from Feel Good also comes with advanced inbuilt features like Bluetooth Connectivity to fuel relaxation beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

Advanced Features That Create an Unparalleled Experience

What really sets a premium massage chair from our range apart from the rest is the specific functions we’ve incorporated to imitate real techniques. This includes:

Deep Tissue Kneading Massage: Kneading is a professional massage technique that involves compressing soft muscle tissue using rolling, squeezing and compressing actions. It’s designed to realign or break down collagen fibres to relieve pain and enhance mobility.

Shiatsu: Deriving from Japan, Shiatsu is a form of acupressure—a correction exercise where the practitioner uses all parts if their own body to apply pressure to your muscles, founded on the principles of Chinese medicine theory.

Reflexology: This is when pressure is applied to specific points of the feet and hands. Different parts of the body correspond to the flow of energy stimulated by the technique, which can facilitate healing.

Start healing with a massage chair for your home and notice the lifestyle difference!

Lifetime Warranty on Your Premium Massage Chair

Once you’ve actually purchased your premium massage chair, you have the security of our lifetime warranty. With over 169 quality control checks in place to guarantee the exterior and interior performance of our chairs, we’re confident that it’ll serve you well for a long time coming.

But we also understand that a premium massage chair isn’t necessarily a light investment, which is why we’ve introduced an Australia first Lifetime Warranty. This applies to all new chairs from our range used residentially, with the following exclusions:

  • The chair must receive an annual service, which is approx. $200
  • It only covers components relating to the mechanical and electrical performance of the chair
  • The warranty does not cover travel and labour costs.

If you need any support, guidance or maintenance advice to maintain your chair’s performance—we have highly skilled technicians right across the nation to help you out!

If you’re considering the perks of a premium massage chair from Australia’s most reputable range at Feel Good, our friendly consultants would be happy to walk you through the variety of options to find your perfect match. Call us on 1300 804 682 or find a store near you!

Our Luxurious Range of Massage Chairs

Massage Chair Brown-Excellence-New

Excellence 2020

$9,999 $5,999.00

Massage Chair onerio new

The Oneiro

$11,999.00 $6,999.00

La Experia

$4,999.00 $3,999.00
massage chair serenity

The Serenity

$4,999.00 $2,999.00

The Deluxe