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The combination of Health, Relaxation and Massage have certainly been delivered now that the La Medic has arrived.

Make Your Health Your Priority with Feel Goods’ state of the art La Medic 4D massage chair.


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Health, Massage & Technology

The revolutionary patented design and technology within the La Medic makes this massage chair quite unique in its own right. With inbuilt Health Assessment functions the La Medic can track your pulse oximetry, Oxygen saturations (SPO2) and even your hear rate. Using your Large 7″LCD Screen you will see all of your health results clearly displayed. The Health Assessment function allows you to see, store and even send your information to your Health Professional.

The addition of 4 modes of control the La Medic is one of the simplest to use massage chairs on the market. Modes such as your LCD touch screen, Voice control, IOS and Android App and the embedded armrest control provide for an easy to navigate massage chair.

The Curved 7 inch Touch Screen will ensure that everything is at your fingertips in the La Medic. Featuring Inbuilt Media and Music you can relax to your favourite tunes whilst enjoying the ultimate in massage therapy. Watch your favourite Video, podcast using the added ability of Bluetooth Technology and escape in the moment. Technology certainly is on show with the La Medic.

The 4D Patented Heating Mechanism and Ultrasensitive Roller System enable the delivery of a thorough, individualised “Human Like Massage”. Using the inclusive, multiple levels of intensity your massage can be as gentle or as firm as you choose. The adjustable headrest and ability to fix tension zones is ultimately enhanced using advanced Body Scanning technology which ensures that curves, deviations and height are all accommodated within your massage.

The 3 Level Zero Gravity Function sychronises the backrest, seat and foot system to attain the best neutral weight positioning. Zero Gravity enables you to feel completely relaxed and in a natural and comfortable massage position. This position reduces pressure on the heart and spine, increases blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain which in turn improves the quality of sleep and eliminates fatigue. The addition of Sleep Mode in the La Medic enables the user to rest easy and relax in knowing that a good nights sleep isn’t far away.

Main Features

Massage Perfection

The La Medic 4D Massage Chair has many features to offer its user but ultimately it’s the massage that you are looking for, after all it is a massage chair! Look no more as this massage chair certainly delivers on its promises.

In the case of the La Medic, Less is More! Equipped with 8 specialised automatic programmes such as Back Yoga, Athlete Mode and Rhythm Sync this massage chair also caters specifically for the aged and agile. As well as your standard manual massage techniques the La Medic also provides zoned massage programmes enabling the user to control where you want or don’t want your massage.

The inclusion of customisable programmes such as the 3 levels of Stretch Massage allows every user to customise a massage specific to their needs. Utilising the slipper effect foot capsule design of the La Medic the Stretch massage is a distinct advantage in this massage chair as the combination of more than 65 airbags, patented 4D Heating Mechanism and intuitive roller mechanism your tired muscles are gently manipulated to a state of relaxation. No one is forgotten in the La Medic!

From Head to Toe the La Medic has you in mind every step of the way.

Last but not least of the amazing list of features is the unique foot and leg system that is designed for independent control capability to meet many different massage requirements. The encompassing slipper effect of the foot compartment simulates the feeling of sliding your feet into your favourite pair of slippers at the end of a hard day. The innovative double-sided kneading technique incorporated with 360 degree foot heating provides a superbly warm rubbing massage from the calves through to your toes. With adjustable foot height, air bags and rollers you can customise the massage to suit your needs.

The combination of Health, Relaxation and Massage have certainly been delivered now that the La Medic has arrived.

Make Your Health Your Priority with Feel Goods’ state of the art La Medic 4D massage chair.


Additional Features

  • Patented Healthy detection system monitors your heart rate, blood oxygen, microcirculation and even provides a report for health care professionals.
  • 4D In-Depth Massage Programs provide a life like, human touch massage ensuring a precise and natural massage experience.
  • 7 Inch touch screen computer control is one of  the 3 Control methods including Voice control, App and wireless
  • 3 Levels of Zero Gravity Massage Capability ensures the weight of your body is evenly distributed reducing pressure on your spine and joints
  • Real time monitoring of pulse, blood oxygen and micro circulation
  • Superior sound using high quality inbuilt Speakers.
  • Intelligent calf kneading technology
  • Unique Lower back and hip twist programme
  • Under-Foot Footrest Sensor detects the foot location of various heights up to 190 cm
  • Built-In USB Port of Convenient Device Charging
  • Built In Air ion purifier
  • Extendable footrest up to 16cm to allow for varying heights
  • Fashionable LED light design using Chromotherapy lighting technology
  • 3 Levels of stretch massage programmes
  • Intelligent body scan technology ensures the perfect massage or all heights and variations
  • Using Smart Glide technology minimal space is required between the wall and the chair as it slides forward to recline.
  • Nationally patented 4D 8 roller technology allows for a stronger and deeper massage.
  • Air massage for shoulders, waist, arms and lower body ensures a gentle massage when required
  • Rhythmic Compression Massage Waves Massage 5-Level Intensity Point massage



Chair Width80cm
Chair Weight153kg
Chair Length160cm
Chair Height96cm
Chair Length188cm
Chair Height81cm
Suitable Height / Weight
Weight130kg Max

Additional Resources

Weight 153 kg
Dimensions 160 × 80 × 96 cm

Ivory/Grey, Black, Ivory

Delivery Information

The La Medic Massage Chair will arrive in 3 boxes as follows:

  • 1 x Body of Massage Chair
  • 1 x Arms of massage chair
  • 1 x Leg rest

It is important to note that though this chair will be delivered in 3 boxes, the boxes are still quite large and this will need to be considered when catering for your installation point. The largest box is approximately 1.8m long and approximately 1m wide.

Delivery & Installation: Please ensure the area is clear for the delivery of your massage chair and should you have stairs/steps that you have advised our staff as this may require additional staff.

Delivery Only: Your boxes will be delivered to your door and inside the main chair box (the largest box) there will be an instruction manual. Please read the instruction manual prior to commencing the installation of your chair. When you are ready to commence installation please follow the process step by step. Remember, if you get stuck just call us on 1300 804 682 and we will arrange for a Technician to assist you.

Warranty Information

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