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Massage Chair

Australia’s Leading Massage Chair Retailer

Healthcare in your very own home – that’s what our massage chairs offer. It’s the lifestyle-altering therapeutic solution you’ve been looking for!

We’ve specialised in the design & supply of luxury massage chairs for over 26 years. In what many consider the perfect recipe for relaxation, we’ve combined traditional massage techniques with the most advanced technology to effectively target all the common muscle fatigue or sore-points.

Every massage chair in our range is custom-designed to suit different lifestyle needs. Some of our designs, like the La Experia, even boast in-built scanning functionalities to create a personalised massage experience based on your body shape & size.

With Australia-wide delivery and highly trained technicians in every state, adding one of our stylish and highly therapeutic massage chairs wherever you are has never been so easy

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The Science Behind a Feel Good Massage

Despite the common misconception, a massage chair isn’t just a luxurious novelty. They provide a number of health benefits for anyone who wants a convenient in-home therapeutic experience.

A couple of the main health benefits are:

Increased blood flow: Our chairs are designed to imitate traditional massage techniques like rolling, kneading, tapping, gripping, and Shiatsu. This massaging promotes:

  • Blood flow
  • Releases endorphins
  • Speeds up muscle recovery time
  • Removes toxins from your body

Reduced stress & tension: Relaxed muscles makes for a relaxed mind. Research shows that a 10-15-minute massage targeting the myofascial trigger points can result in:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Decreased heart rate
  • Significant improvement in physical & emotional well-being

As they say, proactive prevention is the best cure. Experience these benefits, and so much more, first-hand with a chair from Australia’s most experienced massage chair retailer.

Why Choose Feel Good Massage Chairs?

We understand that a massage chair isn’t the kind of investment you take lightly, which is why it’s important you receive the right level of guidance and support from end-to-end. Starting with a consultation to find the chair that meets your lifestyle needs, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to answer any of your questions.

Secondly, every purchase is backed by our extensive warranty; one that is simply unrivalled in Australia.

And why are we so confident in the comfort, health benefits provided, and longevity of our massage chairs? We have over 169 quality checks involved in the design and manufacturing process.

Better still, style is never compromised when purchasing from Feel Good Massage Chairs. Every design is hand-crafted using luxury-grade leathers that won’t deteriorate, and are available in a variety of neutral colours to contrast nicely in any living space. Browse our store online to see for yourself!

Considering a lifestyle upgrade? Try one of our massage chairs at any of our locations and see how living in relaxation can benefit your health. Not only are you protected by our extensive warranty, but our affordable and flexible financing options make premium-quality designs more accessible than ever.  

Our Luxurious Range of Massage Chairs

Massage Chair Brown-Excellence-New

Excellence 2020

$9,999 $5,999.00

Massage Chair onerio new

The Oneiro

$11,999.00 $6,999.00

La Experia

$4,999.00 $3,999.00
massage chair serenity

The Serenity

$4,999.00 $2,999.00

The Deluxe