Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

At Feelgood, our Massage Chairs are manufactured under the strictest production standards. With over 169 quality inspection checks, our pursuit of perfection in quality has one goal: to offer our consumers the perfect experience.

With over 22 years of experience we have searched the world over working with first-class research & development labs incorporating traditional massage techniques with the latest in robotic technology and functionality.

Our massage chairs incorporate unparalleled dependability, high quality materials distinguishing our range of chairs. Our range is hand-crafted from the ground up with high grade leathers that don’t deteriorate with use through to the inclusions of a titanium railing systems.

“This is why we are proud to offer an Australian first!”

All full priced Feel Good Massage Chairs now include a Lifetime Warranty as standard. Feel Good Massage Chairs are a forever purchase that joins your living room for a longtime. At Feel Good Massage Chairs we are truly Australia wide. Not only do we ship Australia wide, but we work with shopping centres, airports, hotels and other businesses around Australia. This means we have an unparalleled support network to help with any maintenance or repairs Australia Wide.

Never worry about about an issue! We have a fantastic support team and a network of highly skilled technicians around Australia to solve any issues.