Best Massage Chairs 2022

Best Massage Chair

Opting for the ideal massage chair can be a really important decision when you suffer with back problems. Knowing which product is going to be the most effective and help improve any issue you are having with your back or simply because you want some relaxing time will certainly be useful. So here are the top five massage chairs we have put together to help your decision making process that little bit easier. 

Massage Chair onerio new

1. The Oneiro

If you are looking for the ultimate luxurious massage chair then The Oneiro is a good option. With built in 3D and 4D technology it feels as though you are getting a message from a professional masseuse. It has at least 38 different programs built in which will provide you with plenty of options to choose from with regards to the type of massage you would like. It is available in 4 different colours to choose from and will look great in your home as the design is also very slick.

Key Features

  • Option of Zero Gravity Massage which is ideal for reducing pressure on your spine and joints
  • Uses Advanced Dual control technology enabling you to easily control the chair
  • 3 different underfoot rollers that provide a massage for your feet
  • Inbuilt heat system that gently relaxes your muscles and increases blood circulation
  • Smart Glide technology which gently reclines the massage chair
  • USB port included for charging your own personal device

2. Excellence 2020

If you are looking for a massage chair that combines both functionality and a great looking design that will fit in with the rest of your smart decor, then The Excellence 2020 will be the option for you. It has inbuilt 3D/4D technology that will provide you with the best massage possible. It is also able to perform a full body scan which is a feature not seen in other models. This provides specific massage needs to the user and will tailor the intensity accordingly to the problem.

Key Features

  • Full Body Scan technology to provide a tailored massage
  • 3D/4D technology
  • Sounds that encourage relaxation and sleep
  • Four Wheel Massage Mechanism
  • Total Sole Reflexology technology to provide better foot massage
  • USB Charging Station
  • Bluetooth Technology
Massage Chair onerio new
Massage Chair onerio new

3. La Experia

Another great option is the La Experia model which provides a reliable yet comfortable solution to your massage needs. It is considered to be of the most popular ranges due to its affordable price and reliability. It comes with an inbuilt SL-Track massage mechanism which provides the ultimate massage as it replicates the form of the spine which is ideal when you have aches in difficult to reach places. It offers a deep tissue massage using 9 automatic massage treatments, so that it can provide the best tailored massage for your specific needs. It also features a triple roller Total Sole reflexology so that your feet can receive the best care too.

Key Features

  • Full Body Scan technology
  • Various massage techniques to choose from including pressing, tapping, kneading and knocking
  • Zero gravity function
  • Inbuilt Smart Glide technology, uses less space in your home with the ability to slide forward to recline
  • Triple roller Total Sole Reflexology

4. The Serenity

Next on the list is The Serenity massage chair which is considered to be a very popular massage chair. It is ideal if you need to improve your back from general aches or pains or due to intense physical sports. It has 6 ultimate automatic massage programmes included and 2 different levels of zero gravity functions, providing a more tailored massage experience. With full body detection technology the chair is able to detect which part of your body requires a tailored massage. This chair can be a good option if you have persistent pain or problems in your back.

Key Features

  • Capsule Seat Design provides a more comfortable experience for your back 
  • Inbuilt Graphene Thermostatic Hot Compress which provides soothing relief to muscle tension and back pain. 
  • 6 Classic Auto Massage programmes to choose from 
  • Inbuilt Full Body Scan Technology
  • Easy set up with no installation required

5. The Deluxe

Finally, we have The Deluxe model which is the best value out of these five models. It provides great affordability for those that are not looking to spend too much on a massage chair but still want to retain good benefits from it. It is a reliable model and provides some great features. It is easy to use and provides a variety of different massage functions. The Multi-Function Controller enables you to choose from either Thai, Korean or Chinese massage options. It also has Zero Gravity function which offers relief to your spine and enables you to truly relax whilst getting your message. 

Key Features

  • Four Roller Massage Mechanism which provides the option of either knock, tap, roll or knead as a massage function. 
  • Option of Foot Air Massage which provides much needed relief for your feet. 
  • 3 Auto massage programmes
  • Inbuilt heating for waist and feet

With such a great variety of massage chairs to choose from you can be sure that there is a budget and style to suit your specific needs. So if you are searching for the ideal massage chair, then look no further today! 

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Massage Chairs: The Perfect Home Addition

The best massage chairs are the affordable luxury home item that can really enhance your health & well-being. Regular use can save you hundreds of dollars in physio appointments by providing you with sustained massage therapy relief. Three of the biggest benefits of incorporating regular massaging into your routine are:

  1. Improved blood flow & circulation through the body: The massage techniques incorporated into our chairs’ technology includes kneading, rolling, gripping, tapping, and Shiatsu. These traditional massage techniques vibrate key points of the body to stimulate blood flow
  2. Minimise stress, anxiety & tension: The physical impacts of massaging, which include increased oxygen consumption and lowered blood pressure, also have a positive impact on your mental health
  3. Improved Posture: With consistent use, a massage chair can correct misalignment of the spine, neck and shoulder muscles for improved posture

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Our Luxurious Range of Massage Chairs

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Excellence 2020

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The Oneiro

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La Experia

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The Serenity

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The Deluxe