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About Us

Our History

Feelgood Massage Chairs started business in 1997 from a small office in Adelaide, South Australia. The business started with the introduction of coin-operated massage chairs in Australia by placing them in shopping centres, hotels, recreational venues and cinemas. Feelgood also introduced massage chairs for home use. These chairs are made to the highest standards and Feelgood are proud to have its name on the best massage chairs in the market. As technology improved and massage chairs changed in design Feelgood has maintained a close relationship with manufacturers overseas to ensure that the Feelgood relaxation massage chairs are always of the highest quality incorporating the latest technology in their operation.

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Our Commitment

When establishing the business it was our aim to provide customers with the best massage chairs available together with exceptional customer service, support and an ongoing commitment to  our Feelgood products.

Feelgood massage chairs has now grown to be the largest supplier of coin-operated massage chairs throughout Australia. In fact our chairs can now be found in shopping centres and malls Australia wide. Feelgood has developed strong relationships with major national groups and has contracts with them for the supply and operation of coin-operated massage chairs.

Wherever you go in Australia there will be a shopping centre or shopping mall with Feelgood coin-operated massage chairs for your relaxation+massage. As part of the commitment to excellence and support for customers we believe that good customer service and product back up were essential to the development of the business in providing Feelgood customers with the confidence that a Feelgood relaxation+massage chair was something for life and that the relationship with the business was one of reliability and confidence in their Feelgood relaxation+massage chairs.

To complete our service and support to customers the Feelgood technical department was established to handle any maintenance, repair or servicing needs of customers in the quickest possible time anywhere in Australia. A satisfied customer is a happy customer who is enjoying the ongoing benefits of a Feelgood relaxation+massage chair which includes the comfort of knowing if there are any issues Feelgood will be there to respond with them quick and timely help.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I love my Feel Good Massage Chair. Bought in Adelaide, it is the envy of New Jersey, USA where I live now. It's the best seat in my house. Glad I didn't leave it behind when we moved to the US. The chair takes care of my health, and every home should have one! You don't know what you're missing until you experience this massage chair.

Soumya Bhattacharya

Fast, efficient delivery. Thank you Alex and the two delivery guys. Enjoying our relaxing massage chair. Great service Feel Good!

Peter Vertudaches

Excellent chairs and after sales service. We bought the chair about 12 months ago and could not be happier with it!!! Money well spent.

Athol Larwood

Bought a chair a few months ago, and I just want to say thank you to Feel Good Massage Chairs for the great service & after service provided. I had a lot of back troubles with pinched nerves, but since using the chair, it has really relieved a lot of pain that I've had for years. I highly recommend this company!

Ray Mills

The Intelligence was the right chair for me, and it's made my life so much better. I've had lots of surgery and used to wake up in pain every day. I now sleep so much better and have more energy and my pain has halved thanks to my Feel Good Massage Chair.

Judy Jones

This chair is worth its weight in gold! I was told I had plantar fasciitis, but since using my new chair regularly, especially the foot and calf function, my foot problem has virtually disappeared. Even just 10 minutes before bed helps me relax and sleep better! Money well spent and I would recommend anyone thinking about investing in one of these chairs to go ahead... you wont be disappointed.

Suzanne Ford

Recently purchased a chair from Feel Good Massage Chairs, and I'm extremely happy with it. The service was absolutely fantastic, and I recommend anyone looking for a massage chair to check them out.

Soula Gardiakos

I had my new Imperial 4D massage chair delivered today; what great service from their technical division! They assembled it with no hassle, gave great service, and were very friendly. The whole family was taught how to use this amazing robotic chair. It's so easy to use. I highly recommended Feel Good Massage Chairs for their quality & service!

Veronica Mjay

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