Our Promise

We have done your homework for you. We have searched the world for the best quality massage chairs available and this is why we are the only company that offers a generous Warranty.

Our History

Feel Good Massage Chairs began with the placement of coin operated massage chairs in Southlands & Doncaster Shopping Centres in Victoria. The success of these chairs and the public interest they generated started the journey to what Feel Good Massage Chairs is today. Coin operated massage chairs rapidly began appearing in local malls, hotels and cinemas as business owners recognised the opportunity available to them.

Then came the interest in home massage chairs. Customers didn’t want to have to travel to get a massage, they wanted one in the comfort of their own home. With this concept in mind, the Director of Feel Good Massage Chairs Alex Stamos travelled the world to find the best manufacturer of the best massage chairs for his customers. Alex then opened his first store in King Street, Melbourne which is when Feel Good began to leave its footprint.

Now, 23 years later Feel Good Massage Chairs has become a well-established and sought-after brand in Australia. From its humble beginnings Feel Good Massage Chairs now sits proudly with a head office in Adelaide and a warehouse/ showroom in Melbourne.

Our latest Tap & Go vending chairs are now found in over 75% of Australia’s largest shopping centres, malls and airports. Our home massage chairs are rapidly appearing in homes throughout Australia. “Our growth is a reflection of our experience, enthusiasm and effort”.

Feel Good – a lifestyle, not just an attitude.

Our Commitment

At Feel Good Massage Chairs our commitment is to our customers. Our commitment is to provide the world’s best massage chairs and partner that with exceptional customer service, support and an ongoing commitment to our Feel Good brand.

Our Mission

To utilise our extensive knowledge and experience to provide superior quality massage chairs, exceptional customer service and support, whilst creating lasting value for our employees and our community”

Customer First Guarantee

Feel Good’s Customer First policy signifies our commitment to providing our customers with a world-class experience while guiding us as we develop new and innovative means for our customers to unlimit their wellness.

From the moment we begin to develop a Feel Good product, extending to our marketing and sales efforts, all the way through delivery and support—everything starts with a singular thought: Customer First.

When you are ready to purchase your Feel Good Massage Chair, we look forward to putting you first.

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